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Project Management

A JoyeGroup Project Manager will ensure your project is planned, managed, developed, and delivered to approved requirements.

JoyeGroup-led projects succeed because we clearly define requirements at the beginning, design and test those requirements, and implement to satisfy requirements. Also, we focus on scheduling tasks to meet goals and ensure the right skilled resources are assigned and balanced. Project Management is not an art, it is a science. This science clearly defines and implements approved requirements, and schedules the task and people to meet those requirements.

Your organization will benefit with the following PM actions:

  • Clearly documented project requirements to ensure your requirements are pursued and satisfied
  • Provide focus for your project to be completed
  • Clearly communicate the needed talent and skills to complete the project
  • Produce a detailed project schedule to manage time, cost, and scope
  • Consistent project communication updates to you and your executive team
  • Produce needed deliverables to demonstrate progress, for example:
    • Status Reporting
    • Project Charter
    • Scope
    • Project Plan
    • Product Design Documents
    • Product or process development
    • Training materials
    • Documentation
    • Test plan and results
    • Implementation Plan
  • Communicate project closure to you when requirements are met
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Manages our Pipeline Gracefully
Working as a lead developer in a scrum shop dedicated toward SharePoint development, I would never have imagined the benefits that we've derived from partnering with the Joye Group.  My team wants to focus on source code and databases, trusting in me to handle business requirements and manage customer expectations all while ensuring that our projects are delivered efficiently; a task that is far too much for me to handle alone.   I expected that a partnership with the Joye Group would free me from the managerial burden of scheduling client meetings, clearly defining objectives and goals, and providing oversight for all documentation that needs to be delivered, so that I could hone my team's skills into a highly effective development machine.  What I got was that and so much more: an ally and friend who manages our pipeline gracefully, encouraging and dignifying each member of my team, and working with both the vigor and humor necessary to keep our morale and operation at its best.

David Smith | Lead Developer | WeKnowIT

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