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The right knowledge, skills, experience, and people to make your project a success.

Your information technology team will need extensive skills and experience to successfully deliver your strategic projects. Most organizations need to augment their skilled IT team to complete complex projects. Without the proper IT talent, projects will be delayed, project budgets will be exceeded, and requirements will not be satisfied.

JoyeGroup can provides experts in the following important areas:

  • Requirement Managers
  • System and Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Test Managers
  • Trainers
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

Case Study: Data Conversion for System Change

Our client was switching to a new system. The catch: the data types and values from the old system would not work in the new one. If the converted data is wrong or incomplete, the new system would not provide the benefits needed to improve profits.

Solution: We worked to create data conversion requirements and design. We also provided talent to assist in the development and implentation.

Result: The new systems will improve worker efficienceies. The correctly converted data allows them to harness the capabilities of the new system.

Case Study: Communication Platform Implementation

Our client was hampered by communication and document management procedures, so that the true state of work and project process was difficult to determine for employees and Executives.

Solution: JoyeGroup implemented both SharePoint and Project Server.

Result: SharePoint, when rolled out and managed correctly, greatly improves communication. It provides Executives with faster and more accurate information, allowing for better decision making. Project Server assists Project Managers in managing company resources while provinding Executives a view of all projects. It creates highly valuable visibility into resources, costs, and timelines.

Request a free consultation from our JoyeGroup team to work with you to review your information technology investments. We can help you determine how to better allocate your IT dollars to improve your profits.

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Professional and Very Highly Skilled
As Finance Lead with the SCEIS project (South Carolina's SAP Public Sector implementation), I had the opportunity to work with consultants from the Joye Technology Group whose expertise were in the areas of Material Management, Business Warehouse, Technical Development (ABAP), and Project Management.  These team members were professional and very highly skilled and often worked long hours to ensure that project deadlines were met.  The SCEIS project has been an overwhelming success and the consultants from Joye Technology Group played instrumental roles in that success.

Bruce Burnett | Finance Lead | State of SC SCEIS Project

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